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Counseling & Consulting

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I tend to describe myself as a Cognitive-Behavioral therapist with Psychodynamic underpinnings. What that means is that I believe that our beliefs and thoughts impact our behavior and that much of what we believe and think in the here and now is directly related to experiences from the past.


I see individuals (teens and up), couples, and families with relationship concerns or emotional/behavioral distress. Counseling — both in-person and online — is an effective strategy for dealing with depression, anxiety, marriage and family issues, relationship concerns and a host of other distressing concerns.

I am credentialed as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) by Florida's Department of Health, a National Certified Counselor by the National Board for Certified Counselors, and a Board-Certified Professional Christian Counselor by the Board of Christian Professional and Pastoral Counselors.

I am an approved premarital counseling provider, certified to use the PREPARE premarital assessment tool. Couples receive a customized report as part of the premarital counseling package. 

In some municipalities, couples who undergo premarital counseling are eligible for a discount on their marriage license.

I have additional training in personality testing and have completed customized personality profiles for organizations looking to assess new ministry candidates.

Teaching & Training

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I've had the honor of providing teaching and training in a variety of contexts: church congregations, pastors' conferences, youth conventions, teacher in-service trainings, and foreign mission orientations. Sample presentations are found here: Multimedia.

I've taught courses in counseling/psychology at the undergraduate and graduate level since 2007.

Clinical Supervision

I’m a Qualified Clinical Supervisor in the state of Florida. That means that I’m able to provide clinical supervision to registered interns who have completed their masters degree and are pursuing licensure in the state of Florida as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


The state of Florida requires that LMHC and LMFT interns receive 100 hours of clinical supervision in no less than 100 weeks with a minimum of 1 hour every 2 weeks. Some employers provide clinical supervision to interns but the state of Florida now allows for more than 1 qualified supervisor at a time.


I have a variety of clinical experiences in a variety of contexts. I’ve worked in community-based settings, I’ve worked in public agencies, and I’ve worked in private practice. I’ve worked with populations across the lifespan: children, teens, families, individuals, groups. I’ve worked in state-owned facilities and I’ve worked in faith-based organizations.

Services: Services
Clinical Supervision
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