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Dr. Jim Zapf, Dean of Counseling,
Crown College

"Andrew demonstrates a gentle confidence in both his teaching and his relationships. Counseling students consistently rate him positively and enjoy his sense of humor and commitment to deep, meaningful growth.


Andrew’s genuineness is refreshing and inspiring!"


Dr. Philip Brown, Graduate Program Director,
God's Bible School & College

"It is my privilege to work with Dr. Graham as a member of the GBSC graduate adjunct faculty. He consistently receives positive reviews from his students, who speak of being inspired, better equipped for their current ministries, challenged to be theologically grounded, and academically equipped to continue their study of counseling."


Dr. David Bubb, Senior Pastor,
Emmanuel Wesleyan Church

"It has been over a year since Dr. Andrew Graham held a Marriage Enrichment  Seminar our church and still people are talking about it.  Dr. Graham covered a variety of subjects with helpful takeaways. His heartfelt compassion for couples and people was genuinely felt as he talked about some delicate  subjects.  He is truly a man of integrity and has a caring heart to help people.  I highly recommend his teaching and ministry."


Harold Martin, President,
FEA Ministries, Hope International Missions

"Having Andrew Graham available as a professional resource for our ministry has proven to be invaluable! At times, even in ministry, complex situations arise requiring the ability to sort through complex emotions and psychological issues. Dr. Graham's assistance has always been helpful to bring resolution to these situations while honoring both the integrity of the organization and others involved. I am happy to recommend his services to individuals and ministries alike."


Dr. David Fry, Pastor,
Frankfort Bible Holiness Church

“Very often in pastoral ministry I'm unable and unequipped to provide the technical care and guidance needed. Thankfully, Dr. Graham provides exactly that kind of professional counseling support. His deep personal empathy, biblical wisdom, shared worldview, and theological framework give me the comfort of knowing that every referral is well-placed.”


Rev. Darrell Stetler, II, Pastor and Founder, NewStart Discipleship tools

“It was a joy to have Dr. Andrew Graham with us here for our weekend called “How to deal with how you feel.” His extensive knowledge of the subject matter was matched by his obvious heartfelt concern for our congregation.  His messages were particularly helpful to a number of our people who have struggled with painful experiences of the past. I would recommend his ministry to anyone looking to deal with the challenging areas of emotional healing and recovery.”

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Rev. Randy Huff, Pastor,
North Pole Missionary Chapel

“I've known Andrew for nearly 30 years and have felt honored to watch him develop well as a student, husband, father and counselor. He has often listened and helped me think through tough situations in life and ministry. I know this about Andrew: if you need help in life and understanding he will listen with compassion and offer guidance rooted in years of diligent study, counsel with countless families and individuals, and genuine personal discipleship.”


Dr. Marlin Hotle, Former District Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church

"We are living in a hurting world. Suicides are reaching into home after home. There is a growing spirit of depression and despair that seems to be rocking our world. And sadly, even the church is not immune. If there was ever a time we needed wise and godly Christian counselors, it is now! We are very fortunate to have such a counselor as a part of the holiness movement.


I am happy to recommend Dr. Andrew Graham for your consideration. His academic credentials are impressive, his character above reproach, but more important, he is a man with a caring and tender heart. If you need someone who will feel your pain in his heart, he is the one for you! He firmly believes, and proclaims, that there is no situation beyond God’s ability to redeem it."

Dr. Daniel Stetler, Former President,
Hobe Sound Bible College

"For a number of years, I have had a serious concern about the lack of professional counseling from a Wesleyan perspective available to those of us in places of ministerial responsibility. On many occasions, I have faced situations involving complex emotional problems which demanded counseling skills far beyond what I was able to offer. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a well-trained person from a Wesleyan theological persuasion – not to mention a Conservative Holiness persuasion – who can offer professional counsel in those times.

I believe Andrew Graham is such a person! I have known him since 1995 and have had opportunity to watch him as he has developed into an earnest-hearted Christian and a well-trained professional who is committed to the Conservative Holiness perspective."


Dr. Greg Mears, Assistant Professor,
King University

"I have interacted with Dr. Graham in a variety of settings. During our association, Andrew has proven himself to be a diligent student, clinician, and educator. His expertise in both the clinical and academic settings is extensive and it has been a pleasure working with him."


Elizabeth Blevins, LPC, Director of Counseling,
Hampden-Sydney College

“Dr. Andrew Graham was a terrific colleague. He was always a wonderful team player---supportive, genuine and accountable. He evidenced an advanced grasp of clinical issues. Additionally, Andrew and I taught suicide prevention workshops on several occasions. He was an excellent presenter and partner, and I thoroughly enjoyed working together with him.”


Michael Reffner, LPC

“Andrew is a highly-qualified and sought-after mental health provider. He is a caring clinician. His insight with clients, as well as his high standard of professionalism, enables him to provide support and assistance to a diverse caseload.”


Dr. Thaeda Franz, LPC
Safe & Sound Counseling

“Andrew is knowledgeable, insightful, and has a true heart for counseling and for families. He is a godly, honorable man and his being a part of the counseling field is a tremendous benefit to hurting families.”

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